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Remarkable in her own way Chebet Pinky Banda is unshrinking, human, all too human who devour to the front of the shape of the social media and internet in Zambia.

Precarious and dependent on the modern-day bandwidth chance Chebet Pinky Banda has risen.

Her offering beyond what is ordinarily to many Zambians. Nonetheless, and beyond that, Chebet Pinky Banda real name Joyce Moyo has a following that has drawn an income into her purse. She has albeit fast, precautions, learned to put to use otherwise advantages and tools of the sexual nature of social media.

Yes, beyond that uninhibition she is endowed into form, that light brown skin that courtesy her beauty pageant among Zambian girls with buns. Her round bottom edged, onion booty and create a sensation for Facebook followers.

Her face cute, lips injured with steel sticking shining to more sensation and provocation. Chebet Pinky Banda is wild!

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