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Marjorie Bwalya Musonda Mpundu was a senior strategy and operations officer at World Bank Group before been appointed as a country manager for Zimbabwe. Marjorie Mpundu is renowned and is among the Amandla! Woman to Watch.

Marjorie Mpundu was educated through the University of Zambia and the University of Manchester. She has more than 18 years of experience having been an attorney admitted to practice in New York State since 2003.

Marjorie is a lawyer by training and according to her a single experience while at the University inspired her.

“I originally planned on following my parents’ footsteps and becoming a teacher,” Marjorie says.

“While at university I was inspired by a female law professor who stood out in a profession that was predominantly male. I realized that I could use the law to fight for the rights of girls and to fight poverty.”

However her inspiration to the ordinary Zambian girl remains extremely little as she is hardly known by most Zambian.

Marjorie Bwalya Musonda Mpundu 1
Marjorie Bwalya Musonda Mpundu is renowed lawyer at World Bank and an Amndla woman to watch

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