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Graceful with that closeness to divinity Rebecca Keylah Lweendo emerges a superior young woman toiled into the way of God and the accompanying spirituality.

Keylah, nickname Becky, is avid and extremely presentable with that rare cuteness that can be found in Kabwe Central Province of Zambia. She radiates the decency of a Zambian Christian woman. 

Compiling a photo outcome from her social media profile, which traces to 2013, can only enlighten you. She is certainly popular with over 4,900 Facebook followers.

And talking of her favorite entertainment Ms. Lweendo dives into London Has Fallen to the TV Shows that include our own Mwisa Mwale and musical notes include Pilato and of course Praise and Worship Songs.

Her favorite quote not limited but include

“i praise my lord in both good and hard times”.

Rebecca Keeyla Lweendo

Gallery SlideShow Of Rebecca Keylah Lweendo

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