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Zedgirls’ special feature sees Zazie Beetz rock the site. This German American tan brown-skinned is top of the ebony brand.

Zazie Olivia Beetz born on June 1, 1991, is an American actor and is well known for her blunt and realistic character in Atlanta a tv show where she plays Vanessa “Van” Keifer, a former teacher and ex-girlfriend of Earn.

As much as she played a remarkable role in the Atlanta tv show she also did her roles well in Deadpool, the Joker, and as the voice of Amber Bennett in Invicinble (2021) animation and a whole host of acting performances, her beauty has also outwit the screen.

Zedgirls Special Feature Zazie Beetz Known for Atlanta TV Show 1
Sleepy Zazie still rocks

No doubt she is our current beauty and flows so naturally. Of course, there are Zambian girls as beautiful but her acting talent outwits them all. That’s why Zedgirls went to length for a special feature of this skinned-toned beauty.

Her hairstyle is lavish curled at moments and locked at the other giving her the contrast of the African skin.

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